Rerarranging Art.

The art business through an educational perspective.

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A holistic art hub.

All Fine arts represented and active.

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On stage.

Polyseum generates unique productions.

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A creative hub for the children.

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The Polyseum Society.

Collectors for education.

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About Us


Polyseum is built as a core central hub, location independent, embedding relations with top players of the art business. We propose a new model that puts education at the center of everything. Artists, brokers, academics, Museum, curators, gallery owners and other professionals join us to find new avenues for Art. Our productions, available at participating centers worldwide, give everyone a chance to deliver their message.


Poly-art, poly-national, poly-specialty, poly-audience. Polyseum is the first multi path Fine Arts Experience Center in the world. Activated by the Emicapital Foundation in London and committed to excellence in Fine Arts, Polyseum has a vision: Building a new ecosystem for Fine Arts, based on education. A place where creativity meets expression, static becomes dynamic, past meets future, experience become knowledge, communication becomes education.


The Polyseum Society is an independent membership-based charity project, gathering 500 World top private Art collectors.

Our fellow members join Polyseum primarily to express their sensitivity to our project for Fine Arts education distributed everywhere. They support us by lending some pieces of their collections for our productions delivered in participating Polyseum and PolyLab centers around the World. However, the Society offers them an incredible range of services, supporting their passion for Art. Our non-profit links to scholars, experts and Institutions allows for unbiased and rigorous evaluations, plus access to a private marketplace, financial services like art lending and securitization.

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Polyseum Centers

One should not travel to see Art. Polyseum looks at cities that are interested in Fine Arts and educational programs but lack big museums, financial resources or access to professional exhibitions. Polyseum comes in different formats: a fully fledged Museum, a creative center for children embedding multiple programs, a lounge version to enhance pre-exisiting clubs or community centers. Our license includes a business plan, advice, marketing, merchandising, training and access to top content, through world-class renown entities.

Art Lounge

Turn a public space into a classy Arts Lounge by hosting Polyseum exhibitions, productions and content

Full Museum

Open a fully-fledged Fine Arts Museum and active hub, featuring all our options: Polylab, exhibitions, academies, masterclasses

Pop-up show

Host a curated exhibition or event at your place, gallery, school or City Hall, for a period of time


Polyseum Centers will receive and deliver extraordinary content: our curated Productions. The calendar will include art shows, workshops, installations, “artist-in-residence” programs and other activities, creatd and managed by our team of advisors and experts. Our productions, delivered at participating centers worldwide, give everyone a chance to deliver their message. Productions are customised in accordance to the cultural, educational and historical fabric of the destination involved. Our content is supported by members of the Polyseum Society, Museums, Government entities and Charities active in the Arts space.

Fine Arts

Extraordinary only

World-renown Old Masters live together with Modern Art, sculptures, drawings


From ballet to Opera

Performing arts are a key point of Polyseum: they inject life to the venue and call for young talent


From Cinema to Food

An incredible array of Masterclasses, events for your people at PolyLab


International meets local

Regional artists are given a chance to take Masterclasses and play with the best artists.


PolyLab is our creative hub for performing arts, offering a wide choice of activities for young people. Our “Artist in residence” programs host professional artists from all over the world, interacting with students and visitors. Masterclasses with prominent international artists populate the creative programs for painting, music, dance, cinema and photography. Old and ancient performing skills and techniques will be explored, in juxtaposition to the newest forms of expression such as digital art. Performances and classes are delivered live, seamlessly integrated into the Polyseum environment. Poylab is a beacon for young talent, offering specialised education programs in cooperation with local government offices.

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